Friday, September 12, 2008

first of all . . . .

I just want to say thanks for stopping in and I love you all! Yesterday someone bought a book, and I had a visitor from Qatar! We truly are all connected and I am so honored for your interest in this journaling work. Please make your own voice a priority as you negotiate through a life with so many other stresses -- it ain't easy to make art a priority in this busy life, and just the fact that you are HERE means you have the spark of creativity that honors the creative force that binds us all together - thank you for honoring that urge!
Make a mess, write some words, express yourself!

and speaking of connection - there is a little box off over there to your right - it shows where everyone who has clicked on this page is on the planet, and I just love seeing you come here from all over the globe. I dream of a paper journal that I mail around the world, with each of you adding a page.
IN fact, if this sounds interesting to you - send me an e-mail with your address (but only if you are really serious - you would have to add your art, and mail it along to the next person who might be in a place that requires lots of postage for the book to get there. . . . )
I will make a list of the first ten journalers who want to add pages to a joint book -- and send you all out an e-mail and I will start a group journal that travels around and is filled in by YOU. Then I can post the pages here when it gets back home to me.
Sound cool?
a JOURNALING club!!!!
So e-mail me your address, and I will organize a joint traveling journal.
e-mail me at:
emtheartist (at) YAHOO dot com.

you all are awesome!

"A picture is nothing but a bridge between the soul of the artist and that of the spectator." --Eugene Delacroix


  1. WAY cool idea. I'd love to do it, but don't want to commit just yet as we are having some major financial problems. But we'll see what comes my way. A miracle hopefully! Happy saturday!

  2. I'd love to do a page, but couldn't afford to mail the journal to somewhere requiring alot of postage. These type of books tend to get lost quite often, and that would worry me, too. I'd be happy to do a page, you tell me the page size, mail it to you & you add it to the journal.