Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do the Right Thing.

I did the following page in my journaling group last week. When I collaged in the frilly antique photo in my journal, it sort of bothered me -- women a hundred years ago were so suppressed and using an image that belittled them in that way sort of bothers me, so I added the jailed suffragette photo and that seemed to express my sentiments better.
But the truth for me is that I want to express myself, but I don't always to be immersed in the suffering and pain in the world. I use my journal to cheer myself up in some ways, not to dwell in problems, mine or others'.
I watched a movie called "Without The King" about Swaziland's monarchy -- a moving documentary the King's incredible wealth and indulgence in a country with a 38% Aids infection rate and an average daily income of less than a dollar. People drink out of muddy puddles while he jets around the world with his 14 wives and 22 kids.
Horrible Injustice.
Part of me says I need to make art that addresses these kinds of monsterous inequities in life, I get so angry and want to do something, then the reality of the hugeness of the world's troubles get to me and I feel helpless and sad.
But THEN, after all that, I realize that I can do a small part in my own small corner of the world. I can work for justice in small ways, and do my part, and also work to add beauty as I can.
Be aware.
Add beauty where we can.
What else can we do?

"The barn's burnt down.
Now I can see the moon."

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  1. I like the contrast happening on your page. I think it expresses where you are coming from and isn't that part of what art is about?
    thanks for signing up to my blog.