Thursday, September 25, 2008


I like messes.
I like confusion.
This has taken me a long time to embrace. because I also like order. How can that be? I am, in some ways, obsessive compulsive about order - I love a clean kitchen, dishes all put away and counters spotless. I love when my bed is made with tight crisp corners, everything geometric and neat. I love organizing my studio, my bathroom, my closet, my dresser, my finances.
So how is it that my art is so layered and complex?
I think most of our lives we are trying to create order out of the chaos. But I have learned the secret of embracing the chaos enough to make a dance out of it.
It's all in the balance. Those tight ass people who think they can control everything, first of all they are fighting a losing battle, and second of all, that control so so so often involves a lack of freedom on either their own parts or others'.
and not to get too political here (there are way too many other places on the internet for political discussions) but isn't that what conservatism is about? Creating a controlled world where only certain ideas are allowed?
No gay marriage? WHAT? how does that impose on anyone's rights . . . .
but I digress, forgive me.
ChAoS -- embrace it in your art, in your journal, in your life, enjoy all the world's messy layered complicated beauty. There is a beautiful perfection in your IMPERFECTION.
Nature is really not at all tidy.
I try to practice this in my journal, and it does my soul good.

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." --Friedrich Nietzsche

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