Monday, August 25, 2008

still walking in gratitude. . . .

I am using my journal a bit differently, now. I guess because I am still riding the enlightenment wave just a bit from my blissful experience at my retreat. A wonderful native American expression is, "I walk in beauty" and as you think this, your path is influenced. It is hard to be irritable and angry if you are thinking that you walk in beauty.
Spreading love really is what it's about, and if our work spreads love, we are adding something so valuable to humanity.
Sometimes it takes a long time for this to grow and become our authentic voice, and I am learning to be patient with myself as I figure it all out.
It doesn't come right away, and the world might not understand our gifts as well as we would like, in fact, if we are doing something new and our own, the world probably won't understand our gifts.
All the more reason to follow the heart, and know that we are on the right path.

"Little seedlings never flourish in the soil they have been given, be it ever so excellent, if they are continually pulled up to see if the roots are grateful yet." --Bertha Damon

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