Friday, July 18, 2008

you may say I'm a dreamer. . . .

but I'm not the only one.


  1. Oh Em, this page is stunning!! I have to tell you I got our journals in the mail today and I almost wept because I wanted MORE!!!! You are amazing at transforming plain pages into works of art and wisdom. I'll hate for our project to end, but I'll savor it as it plays out. Thank you :)

  2. oh Laurel - that is so sweet of you to say. . . . you are the best!
    and guess what, I am going to be in Oakland from Aug. 16 - 21 with some free time - can I come down for a visit?

  3. I'd LOVE to see you again! Would it be just for the day or would you be spending an overnight? I'm sure I'll have some four-legged patients to see because I have regular daily ones, but I can free up most of a day. We can talk about it more as it gets closer. Yay!!!