Monday, July 7, 2008


a journal is a record.
a journal helps us know where we have been, to see where we are going.
and although it is best to live in the now, to be totally immersed in what is right in front of us without dwelling on the few minutes we just passed through, or the few minutes that are right ahead of us, I do like what a journal does to record my thoughts.
that is why I also love to include important photos, and work around them.
This snap shot was shot by my uncle at some point in an apartment in Yonkers in the 40's.
My aunt stands at an ironing board.
Her face is just barely reflected in the mirror behind her.
It is a beautiful moment captured in time, and now, it will live on in my journal.
moments are all we have.
and although I try to totally live in the current one, my journal does help me to honor them as they pass.
Here is the page that this photo inspired:

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