Monday, July 21, 2008

someone else's summer vacation

I have been cleaning out my Aunt's house -- 60 years' worth of a 90 year long life which I am going through in order to save what should be saved, toss what should be tossed, and sell the rest to help pay for her assisted living apartment.
I came across a lovely water color painting done by a friend of hers, most likely in the early 1950's. He was an art director for the museum of Natural History in NY, and he went to Maine to camp and fish, enjoy the scenery, and evidently, to paint.
There were little vignettes of a car being towed, row boats, a light house, lobster eating, and him at his easel, painting away.
They just show that the impulse to make images of one's life, of one's day, to communicate with art the simple beauty of doing something with intention, has been around a long time.
In honor of Tom's vacation vignettes (I don't know his last name) I scanned some of the images and collaged them in my journal, and here they are:

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