Tuesday, July 22, 2008

me you we

images of myself often creep into my pages.
I don't know why exactly - sometimes I think I am trying to understand my body issues, and trying to make myself love the way I look, which sometimes feels like quite an uphill battle.
I also appreciate the e-mails I get (thanks, Shelly!) and the comments, although my hit counter shows many many more visits than I would know from the comment count, which is usually zero.
but that's okay.
as I struggle to affirm who I am, what I need to say, how I need to create, and as I struggle to understand why I am here and what I have to offer to this world, it is pretty durn cool that I can share this adventure with people all over the globe who are drawn to journaling.
SO -- thanks for looking.


  1. We ARE looking. . .and learning and loving your work and your bold authenticity. You enable us to feel less alone, as you speak to universal themes like our need for self-expression and self-acceptance and our ongoing search to find our own voices and to face our fears in uttering whatever they may have to say.

    Blessings--aand thank you.


  2. oh Deb - that is a lovely thing to say. Thanks so much, and if you have a journal to share, I would love to see it! (your link says journal is set to private. . . .)
    Happy Art!

  3. Hello
    I am visiting your blog daily and i have never left a comment yet. I am from the Netherlands. artjournaling has becoming a passion of mine mainly through the inspiration of blogs and sites like yours Thank you very much
    Ellen (sorry for my bad englisch)

  4. Hello my friend - I am one of your loyal lurker fans :) Some of your recent entries are just so f***ing gorgeous! You go girl! Thanks so much for your work and your life and sharing your struggles. You make the world such a better place.

  5. skeenly and Ellen -- thank you thank you thank you.
    Your affirmations of this work make a huge difference to me.
    (and Ellen - your English is beautiful!)