Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just. Do. It.

I know that is a corporate-catch phrase invented by a company which enslaves poor little children in China making sneakers 16 hours a day in dark jail-like factories.
But Still.
Nike has put together three of the most powerful words we can implant in our psyches.
I have lived most of my life in that sort of mode, luckily. For some strange reason which I don't really understand, I have been willing to jump in to things I probably wasn't qualified to jump into. In fact, I have failed quite a few times.
I fail more than I succeed.
I have fallen off horses, messed up drink orders, gotten on the wrong trains, walked until blisters bled, etc.
and I start lots of things I never finish.
I have had some very "unsuccessful" trips, for example.
Trips where I ran out of money, energy, and enthusiasm.
Trips where I was lonely and even maybe, once in a while, in danger.
But if success is measured in attempting something and learning from it, then there really are NO unsuccessful travels.
So I just said, OH WELL, better luck next time.
I now have a lot of physical limitations.
But I try not to let that stop me.
I am going to a conference in Portland, Oregon, then Northern Calif. in August.
Right now, I can hardly imagine how I will get through those two weeks physically and with my diet restrictions.
But, oh well.
I'll cross those bridges (slowly and with a bit of pain) when I come to them.
and I still have a list of places I want to go, places I want to take pictures of, gather ephemera in, and work in my journal about.
I love doing this.
Even if it means uncomfortable body issues and an empty savings account the rest of the year.
Even if it means working in silly jobs and saving every penny for the adventure, and making it very clear to husband and family that I NEED these escapes to stay sane. and luckily, they understand and allow me my wanderings. It actually is mostly my guilt that keeps me from traveling more, guilt that I should be focusing totally on them. But I am moving into a mode and a time of life when my art is my focus and what I need to prioritize -- and for me, I need escapes and dreams of escape to keep my spirit fresh.
Before I die, I want to go to:
*New Zealand
*Prague and Dracula's castle in Transylvania
*Petra, Jordon
*Iguazu Falls in Brazil

and I will. I know I will somehow get to those places. and I will make journal pages while there and after I get back about the adventures and the mishaps, and I hope I will share them here and you will enjoy them.

and if any of you live in any of those places -- I will gladly give art lessons and foot massages in exchange for a couch to sleep on!

Dream Big.

and by the way - when I messed up the drink order, they fired me. I also have been fired by a movie theater for forgetting money in the register.
If you haven't lost at least one job, you are not trying hard enough.

oh yeah - I also substitute taught for a day at the local high school, and one kid moved all the chairs into hallway. Just to be mean. Fun Times.

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  1. hey girly-girl!! I'm so behind in my emails and stuff that your message almost got lost. I'd love to see you when you come to CA! I have a big job interview via phone tomorrow...RI, you know? Still trying to get back there. Anyway, would love to connect! Let's form a plan via email.
    Big hugs!