Monday, July 28, 2008


Our imagination creates our reality.
I really believe that.
I am now imagining a large studio space. I have wanted this for, well, forever.
I now have a room that is so packed I can hardly work -- it is about 9 feet by 13 feet big. and I love that I have my own space for my art.
But I am imagining a larger space.
With a view of trees.
Or water.
that would be so lovely.
and I also know that Nature Nurtures, and that never again will I be able to inhabit a landscape that is wiped clean of natural things. Urban life is okay to visit, but for me, my soul needs trees and sky and green to thrive. Concrete, glass, and steel pull my soul apart and make me feel disconnected to the earth.
I have experienced times in life where I visualized something I felt I really needed to move forward on my path, and often, it happened.
So - Mother Nature -- I promise to honor You with my art, can you deliver to me a studio in a natural setting? or maybe a studio with a view?

So I am very excited to see what happens with this studio dream. . . .
and although I feel a little guilty for asking, I am asking.

"Days begin and end in the dead of night. They are not shaped long, in the manner of things which lead to ends--arrow, road, man's life on earth. They are shaped round, in the manner of things eternal and stable--sun, world, God." --Jean Giono

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