Sunday, July 20, 2008

collage papers

I have a big shopping bag full of papers.
When I am stuck, I dig around in the bag and just grab something that catches my eye.
Or better yet, I just reach in and require myself to collage with whatever I happen to pull out.
So what is in that bag, you just might ask!
Tissue papers, magazine tear outs I like, bits of wrapping papers, some xeroxes of photos, bits and pieces of maps and ephemera, and lots of scraps of older projects.
These pages to follow here were actually a surprise to me because I pulled out a xerox copy of a portrait of my son who is now 23 -- he was about 10 at the time of the photo.
This image just seemed to work perfectly with the hand and profile images, which were from a magazine
I also have tons and tons of collage papers that I make using my camera, adding some photoshoping and then some doodly drawing in that bag.
And not to get all capitalistic on you, my dear readers, but just FYI -- I do sell collage kits with these papers along with a blank journal, just for all you!
Look for a linky-link down there to the right for the collage kit, if you want to treat yourself to some of my collaged bright and amazing papers - I love to share!
Happy Journaling!

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