Thursday, June 5, 2008

so what's up with you?

This blog has been focused on how-to sort of posts.
Ideas and hints for making pages in a visual journal.
and letting you know my idea that if you collage first, then write, you can find words that you might not otherwise have access to.
But right now, I feel like veering off that course.
My life is very full right now - I am in what they call the Sandwich Years, kids to take care of, and aging relatives to take care of.
Basically - I have two young adult kids still at home needing guidance, and one younger kid starting the You-Don't-Know-Anything years.
and this weekend we are moving my 90 year old aunt into assisted living, against her will. This has been a huge project, legally, financially, emotionally, logistically.
I also have my own health issues (I have Celiac disease) and two of my kids are also gluten intolerant, so we deal a lot with doctors.
So, understandably, I guess, I have been a bit overwhelmed and this blog has been a welcome distraction.
I always have used my journal to vent and release tension.
I find it so therapeutic to make collaged pages, and write my inner thoughts.
I did notice a bit as I knew I would be posting the pages that some of the personal stuff was edited.
That's okay.
But one thing, this blog isn't a dialog - although lots of you read, I get few comments.
That's okay, too.
I have a counter so I know you are looking, and just knowing you are looking does feel validating.
So I will keep on, but for the next week or two, I might not post as much - this is the weekend of the big move.
So -- that's me.
Family stress, health stress, always money stress, of course, but my journal takes care of me in so many ways.
My personal art therapist.
and knowing I am heard -- somewhere out there in blogland.
Having a voice always makes life easier.
Self expression is key to feeling we are of value in this one short life.

Making a cool collage helps, too.


  1. Such beautiful collages here! I love their feeling of warmth and sincerity...sometimes those qualities seem lacking in a lot of collages I see around. I guess because collage artists use a lot of other people's images and words, it is easy to put up an emotional barrier hiding what the collage artist herself is really feeling? Yours don't seem like that.

    Wonderful work, and I like your blog too! I'll be back!

  2. I've tried to post a couple times before, but my comments don't always know the password to make it successfully through the black hole of cyberspace.

    Know this--you are making a connection and you are making a difference. You are being a blessing, through your words, through your art. And those of us who read, who lurk, and who may or may not leave comments, are the richer for it.

    Thank you.


  3. Thanks Nancy - I am glad to have you here.
    and Allynraye - since your profile is set to private, this might be why. thanks for the kind words -- it means a lot!