Saturday, June 28, 2008

a shared Journal

Studio Lolo and I work on a journal jointly - two, actually - it is an art letter that we send back and forth from coast to coast through the mail, and it is always so wonderful to get these journals in the post. When they are done, one is hers to keep and one will be mine. Although it will spoil half the surprise for her (sorry Laurel!) here are some of my latest pages:


  1. I'm not looking! I'm not looking!

    I'll save it for later.....yummy!


  2. Wonderful pages! I have some catching up to do, in your blog. I've been off-line, out of town and out of my mind...just a bit. I did a tiny bit of journaling. I always take supplies, thinking I'm going to do more, but I'm having too good of a time "being". Journaling is calling to me, though. It helps to come here.

    Still loving your book!