Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex in the City

Why is my entry today entitled that?
I have never watched the show - it felt too much about looks and shopping for me.
But last night a friend invited me to go to the movie with a bunch of her friends.
and we did have a good good time.
No, we had a REALLY REALLY good time.
I don't like to shop.
I don't lust after designer things one little bit.
I don't use lots of products.
I mostly like to mess around in my journal for validation, and pleasure, and a sense of indulging myself.
But now and then, I pop open a magazine and see something so beautiful -- so lush and rich and well designed that I understand the whole retail therapy concept.
The four women in the movie are way too materialistic for me.
But in the end, love prevailed.
and friendship.
And those things, along with a bit of beauty to make it more fun, are worth while.

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