Friday, June 20, 2008


When I was a little girl with long red ponytails, me and my three loud and rowdy brothers would be piled in the station wagon, way before seat belts, and driven to my Aunt's house in Katonah, NY. We had our picture taken on her porch year after year, and I don't think we once held still for the camera.
That lovely eccentric crazy aunt is now 90 and we have just moved her into assisted living, and it is my task to clean our her house to sell.
what memories I am discovering.
She was in the house for almost 60 years - and she saved everything. Some rooms are so packed you can't even get into them. . . . lots of junk and lots of treasures awaiting discovery.
It is quite am emotional and interesting journey, one that is both exhausting, and exhilarating.
I will be journaling a lot in the weeks to come using the antique photos I have uncovered, as well as one vintage Royal typewriter in perfect working order -- oh how that made my heart sing when I discovered that gem.
Memories are always ladened with sadness, things so long past and barely remembered that were once so vibrant and energetic.
a breath away.
we are all just a breath away from eternity.


  1. hi emily,

    i can just imagine you sifting through these memories and treasure. it must be wonderful to uncover such wonderful things. too bad the stocks did not pan out but i bet it was exciting for a minute. it made me a little sad thinking of you sorting through all that history when some stranger has made off with all of our treasures knowing that the girls will never uncover any of that. well, in the process of collecting new treasure and memories including a new art journal which i have finally begun. i am loving it!! i can really feel myself coming alive again. i was wondering if your aunt had ever been married or had children as this task has seemed to fall to you? just wondering.

    love ya lots.


  2. yes - she was married on Dec. 6, 1941 to a navigator in the air force - notice the date? He left for Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 - so they had only one night together. He was gone for two years and came back a broken man. They did stay married for 55 years, but he never really could work so she supported them. No kids. They had quite a life.