Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just. Do. It.

That Nike catchphrase is really right on.
In life, it is so easy to over think.
To stew on why and what and never do.
To worry and wonder and wish it were something other than it is.
We live so much in the next moment, worry about ten thousand things that might not be how we want them.
Or we live in the past, retelling our stories over and over of how it should could might have been other than it was.
The idea of living right in the NOW, right in this moment has been changing the way I think.
I have been learning so much from Eckhart Tolle's conversations with Oprah about his book, The Power of Now.
and I am realizing that I can use my journaling practice to help me with this.
A fish?
A hand?
Orange smear of color?
What the heck does it mean?
I really have no idea, I just pull images that attract me, play around with them, then write some words.
This seems to really access some inner me-ness that otherwise my brain is too busy thinking around to find.
I find myself in this practice.
You might find yourself, too, if you try it.
Because the NOW really is all we have.
and luckily, it's all we need.
the past.
the future.
they don't really help us anyway.
so - just do it.
Try to make a collage in the now, and see what happens!

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