Monday, June 23, 2008

I Hear You!

I was in a covenant circle at my Unitarian Church, and the main enphasis for us leaders was to listen. To create a circle where people could talk and be heard.
I think as humans that's what we crave. We just want to be heard.
I think for me, my journal helps me with this.
Even if it is just MYSELF who is listening.
Taking the time to make some art first,
taking some time to create something just for me, something that feeds my soul and makes me feel heard, this is what my journal does for me.
To create something freely with no judgment, no worries about deadlines or content or approval is such a gift.
I love to give this to myself.
In fact, I need this to stay on the path.
My path involves 7 others in my family who need my help, and my physical body has big issues that make it a bit stressful and painful to get through each day.
Without the gift of my journal time, I couldn't do it.
It feeds me.
It nurtures me.
It fills the tank when it gets empty.
The tank of inspiration and serenity and joy.
And I feel heard.
and sharing it here, also helps me to feel heard.
Thanks, readers!


  1. I've been having too many of these days myself! I finally found some time to add to our wonderful project which is now in the mail to you. It was just what I needed to delve into. A bit of self-centering if you will!
    love and blessings,

  2. Hey Laurel -- so glad you are self-centering - we need fuel in the tank to keep going! Looking forward to adding to our gems.