Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Following your bliss

Joseph Campbell coined that phrase and it has gotten maybe a bit overused lately.
But I think it still has powerful meaning.
The idea is that what attracts you and makes you fulfilled is also good for the Universe.
That you have a unique voice and contribution to make, and if you follow that path, you are doing good for all, not just yourself.
It can feel self-indulgent to follow our bliss.
We can feel guilty or irresponsible.
BUT NO -- doing what you long to do, following the love of your heart and your life is only good. If all of us did this, imagine the impact on the world with it's endless conflict and suffering.
My bliss right now is to work a lot in my journal, making collages, playing with images and color and words.
Mining the inner gems of my mind that otherwise I can't access easily.
I love sharing the pages that emerge from this inner space in my workshops and here on this blog.
I love knowing others look and are inspired to do their own creative journaling.
I also have family obligations that do keep me busy -- but I can follow my bliss and do what I need to do to help people who need me.
It all is in the balance.
The Universe seems to want to express itself in me in this way, so I am very happy to oblige.
How does the Universe want to express itself in you?


  1. You are so creative! I love it.

  2. thanks, Guth Girl -- I think we all are creative in our own way - I get lots of inspiration from others as well.