Thursday, May 29, 2008

where ideas come from

at my journaling group the other night, someone brought in a magazine about deep sea diving.
I tried taking a scuba lesson once and was too claustrophobic to ever get comfortable underwater with the air thing in my mouth.
I didn't really notice the magazine or think it would interest me, then I opened it.
such blue green-ness.
Such amazing colors of coral and fish.
I tore out a bunch of beautiful pictures and dedicated one spread to these images.
I love the ocean and always have loved shells and sand and the salty water. I know I will never be able to actually go deep down under the water and pull off a Jacques Cousteau in person, but I can enjoy the images and create sea inspired art with them.
So it pays to open up a magazine that at first, seems not relevant at all to your interests.
Because you never know where your mind will want to go . . . keep it open and it might surprise you.

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