Saturday, May 10, 2008

taking the journal out

You can't always have your "BIG" book with you, so here is a solution:
I always have a little mini-journal in my purse, along with some juicy markers.
That way when I find myself out at a cafe, I can write, and add the pages later to the big journal.
The other day I found myself with some time at Chipotle Grill (best place in the world to get tacos!) and I wrote these little pages.
I was listening to the webcast of the conversation between Oprah and Eckert Tolle (great stuff!) which I had downloaded to my ipod, so these pages are my random ideas and reactions as I was listening. . . .
I then scan and print the little pages, then put them in the main journal with some collaging. . .
I'll show you that page tomorrow - so come back!
Happy Journaling!

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