Sunday, May 25, 2008

something new

okay - here's a little trick.
got a scanner?
throw some stuff on it - I put some beads, shells, and feathers.
These are peacock feathers that are all sewn in a strip - pretty, Huh?
Choose some items that have meaning for you - an old photograph or stamps always look great in this kind of collage.
Tear up some cool paper and lay on top.
I used some sheet music.
put a box over the whole thing to make it dark.
photoshop the image a bit if you can, or just print out the paper.
You now have some creative collage paper to start working on.

Spray mount it into your journal, and you can add some words or images or ink some colors with a stamp pad.
Because why not make it fun?
I just love playing around -- life is so stressful that without a fun pile of papers and journaling supplies I would implode.
lose it.
So let's just let our journals help us on this path.
xxoo - hug and kiss those you love, your journal, and YOURSELF today - life is too short and too precious to NOT do what you love.
We all need more happiness and love, and less stress - create some love in your life today and the world will rejoice with you.


  1. I'm going to try this Em! I was blown away at the last pages you did. I savored them this weekend while I sat at the studio. I show them to all of my friends who stop by. You're amazing!

  2. hey - thanks L!
    the scanner can actually work like a collage machine! it's really fun to see what happens with just laying things on it randomly -- no glue even needed -- have fun!