Friday, May 2, 2008

something different today

I opened my journal.
I sat there staring at the empty page.
but I am just not feeling it.
I just don't feel like collaging and writing.
I would normally just plow ahead, and write about that. . . .but instead
I have been surfing the internet.
and I want to share this blog:

Jen is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania - reading through her life, and the lives of the teachers and children she works with, and the countless homeless children, sleeping on the streets . . . .well.
It just makes you think.
and think hard.
about all we have and all we take for granted.
so - read her blog and leave her a comment and let her know we care.
So many in the world need so much, and it is way too easy to forget that.


  1. I had a shiver when I read through Jen's blog -- and you are so right. We take way too many things for granted.

  2. thanks for the words of support and encouragement. it means a lot to know that people back home are listening to the stories I tell about what i see here. My life is pretty easy, actually... but i guess that's why i'm always trying so hard to publicize the struggles that vulnerable children face here. and every little bit of publicity helps. thanks again.