Tuesday, May 13, 2008

papers to feed the soul!

Mother's Day I was lucky enough to take a little shopping trip into New York City with my daughter. We went to the mother lode of paper stores - Kate's Paperie in Soho. This store is just so amazing - I walked around in awe admiring all the amazing textures and colors and handmade bliss of paper.
and today I have a long train ride, so I made some pages in my journal who, of course will accompany me, and I will write on the train - I thought I would share with you the pages before the words are added. All of this paper is from Kate's Paperie - I do scan their paper and print it before collaging into the journal, because some of it has very dense texture and doesn't take words well, but the originals with all their bark bits and layers and rippliness are the most awesome. They are now hanging on my studio walls as inspiration, and will no doubt be sneaking their way into a collage or two.
Happy Journaling!


  1. I love seeing the collaged pages, before and after words are added! What a difference text makes. It changes the whole design and gives it an entirely different energy! I'm starting to loosen up more with my pages. I think you'll notice a difference in the entries I just sent :) I used my entire weekend at the studio to create in our shared project. It was such fun! Your enthusiasm is infectious :)

  2. These are really, really, really great. Beautiful work. My favorite is the middle one where the two sides are very different but still work together.