Friday, May 2, 2008

okay - now I am FEELIN' It!

I am working on a joint journal project with Studio LoLo
and, not to spoil the surprise, but I couldn't resist showing some of the pages here.
When you know the person who's journal you are working in, it makes it kind of special. Although I do very similar things in this shared book as I would do in my own, it also feels a little bit like a letter.
an art letter.
Because I know she will read each word and pour over each picture.
We are sharing this journaling adventure like a cross-country game of add and pass.
It always feels nice to be heard, and, here, our journal pages are read and recieved.
That feels like a gift.
I love the comments I get here - they also feel like gifts.
These gifts feel like fuel for the journaling fire.
and working in a book I will mail all the way across the country.
back and forth, back and forth these journals go - like a game of ping pong.
At the end of the journeys, Laurel will keep one and the other is mine.
So - if you have never journaled with a partner, try it.
It's really fun.
(sorry to ruin the surprise Laurel - I won't tell you whose book is whose!)

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  1. This is an idea that appeals, that provides even more inspiration. And I love that you likened it to writing a letter, it is -- a letter of art. Beautiful.