Monday, May 12, 2008


Some people keep gratitude journals - places where they only write out things they are grateful for. As I get closer to those *wisdom* years, I am learning that gratitude is everything - with it, I am happy. Without it, I can't be.
Being grateful for what I have is the key to serenity and getting through the day.
Instead of feeling like a failure, I focus on my accomplishments, adding them up in my mind until I am strong and ready to face a studio of blank pages and half finished projects - - I know I will plow through the struggle times, and get to the finish.
All the worry and stress melts away if I keep in mind all the many many blessings in my life.
This morning on the way to the studio, I used the 20 minute drive to go over all the things I am lucky to have in my life - with no judgment.
I have a great place to live, an amazing family, the security of not being threatened with homelessness or hunger, loving friends and loving family who care for me and about me.
and, of course, I am so very grateful for the time and space to be going to a studio where I can follow my bliss and my calling to share journaling and the creative process with the world. . .
I am grateful for so much, and if I focus on all the wonderful gifts in my life, the stress really does fade and diminish.
So - I am going to ask my journal to help me document and celebrate all these blessings.
Try it!

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