Friday, May 30, 2008


Parts of my life come in the mail.
parts are on wrappers from things I eat or buy.
parts are in bags of paper and pretty images I tear from magazines.
In my journal, sometimes I dedicate a page to these things - sort of making an altar to the daily bits that I have to deal with.
The quotidian tidbits that make up our lives sometimes feel like bothersome irritating distractions from the "real" life that we want to have.
I try to consciously embrace the boring daily tasks as well as the exciting marquee events of life.
Because how often do we get those stellar memorable moments?
and how often do we just live in the now -- opening mail, making coffee, reading a note from a friend, making phone calls.
I learned a long time ago to make my bill paying time enjoyable - use a lovely pen, put on some music, maybe even have a glass of wine, and focus all my attention on the wonderful reality that I can pay the bills! That I have a place to live, a family who loves me, a car to get around in, healthy food in the kitchen.
Gratitude goes a long long way toward creating happiness.
Junk mail is a horrible irritation -- but I am lucky enough to get some wonderful mail art from mail art friends quite often (because I send it out quite often) and it makes getting the mail an adventure.
Making life's small unimportant tasks into an adventure - that's your challenge for today.

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