Thursday, May 15, 2008

color COLOR color

I am reading a fascinating book called "Chromophobia" -- yes, our culture is scared of color.
SO many of those shiny slick home magazines are filled with images of pale white empty rooms, museum-like in their unlived in quality.
Cold and really pretty unwelcoming. They don't look like rooms where you can make art, that's for sure.
And so many of these clothes we wear are black.
Black shoes, black jeans, black jackets . . . .
Seems like we are encouraged to conform in the color we live in and the color we put on our bodies.
Take a look outside right now at those Spring flowers.
Notice anything?
Exuberant Wild Succulent Crazy COLOR.
Colors Gone Wild.
Pink and Red and Fuschia all jumbled together.
No restraint in color when it comes to flowers.
I love Hot Pink and Bright Orange together!
No, I am not chromophobic. . . .
And here's an admission - I once painted a bathroom bright orange.
Many people (including the husband) thought I was a bit crazy.
I loved the bathroom.
For about a month. Then I did get a bit tired of it.
maybe if I had just painted ONE of those walls hot pink, it would have worked. . .
but in my journal, I am letting the color flow.
I let whatever colors speak to me fill the page and I layer color upon color, they don't have to "match."
Color gone wild - try it.

Here is the page before the words - let the color shine!

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