Monday, May 26, 2008

blogs and connections and why we are here

So this blog, which now has a counter, has me thinking a lot about connection and sharing art.
I have not had great success selling art in galleries - three shows, one with a few sales, one with one sale, and one with no sales at all.
The my last show, which was at the local and very supportive library, I told myself if I did not see success, I would refocus all my efforts away from making art that hangs on the wall to making art that sits in a book and reflects who I really am.
and, hence, this blog.
I know somewhere deep inside that art is really about validating our own inner need to communicate.
Lots of us just can get what we need through normal daily interaction, some of us write books, or poetry, or even blog on line about our inner lives.
I pick up a blank book, collage in it, and then add words.
This seems to be my outlet and helps keep me sane.
and I share these ideas here.
I am not sure what doing this all means, but for some, the few who comment and a few others who send e-mails telling me they have learned something valuable here, it seems to be helpful.
It encourages their inner voice, and validates the act of making art and words in a journal.
The counter, actually, helps me feel okay about spending my time and energy doing this, when I know it's not going to make me any money or give me any prestige.
Knowing some people read and care, for now, that's enough to keep me going.
But the journal itself - it is a life line for me.
Having a place for total personal self expression is not optional for me.
I love making the collagy pages.
I love adding words that are MY words, my feelings, my inner sense of what is what. It helps me "put the world to rights," a lovely expression from an aging aunt of a British friend of mine.
So - go **put the world to rights** in your journals.
You'll be better off for it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I agree with you in so many ways. For me, my art journal is my saving grace. It's the place I go to daily to get right with myself. It is totally for me. I share my art on my blog...not for an audience, but for me. Today I got my first comment from someone I didn't know and I was thrilled! I want to make art and share it, I want to express my self and not be judged, I want to make some new friends.