Wednesday, May 7, 2008

before words, after words

So yesterday I told you I like to collage in the studio, then write somewhere else.
The collaging and the writing are different sorts of things - although I know doing the collage first unleashes a sort of right brain/intuitive/wholistic consciousness part of my thoughts, and I do want to collage to inform what I write, I have noticed the good effect of the art part stays with me.
So I find that the writing can take place elsewhere.
and that in fact, honoring my journal with my complete attention, on a sort of date, makes it happy.
and a happy journal is a happy me.
So today, I thought I would show you my pages from yesterday before the words, and after the words.
A comment I got was that when this person sits down to write, nothing comes. I know that feeling, too. but I have found if I keep at it, eventually, the words do come, and even sometimes words that I really care about or words that show me something I didn't know about myself. The words get me to a place of affirmation and sort of create the thoughts I want to have. Because, at least for me, it is very easy to get into a negative thought pattern in life and I have to work pretty hard to keep the positive center and let the negative fade out.
This is why I collage first - it gets my mind in a positive creative place, where then my thoughts are also created from that place, so my words reinforce this.
I collage to help the words be authentic and real. not to make pretty images. I know lots of your art journals aren't about this, but for me, that's why I am here.
make sense?

and in this collage are a cartouche, the Rosetta stone, and some other antiquities inspired images - if you read the words, you'll know what it opened up in me.

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