Sunday, May 4, 2008

another page from the "joint" journal

yes - that little planet image on the journal page below pops up - I have only tentatively played with experimental and three dimensional journaling tricks like pop-ups and fold outs and doors and windows that open.
usually my journal is more about my needing to say things than about fancy art decorative techniques.
but a little fun -- always a good thing.
If my journal thrills and titillates me, I am more likely to pick it up and mess around with it, so I do try to make it fun.
another important place is the cover - I tend to add little bits as I go, this and that over time, until by the end it is so full of stuff that it is a big mess.
a happy creative mess of inspiration!
Right now, the cover of my current journal is a bit "composed" and balanced with Mona Lisa printed on some sheet music, held on with yellow tape. . . . but I know by the time this book is filled, the cover will be much more FuNkAliSCious.
Not BalanceD at all, sort of like me!
So - if you feel stuck, put on some GREAT music, dance around the room once or twice, and let your art imagination fly!
Pick up some colorful papers, juicy markers, and play PLAY play!


  1. I love looking at art journals. I just never find the time to create one myself. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. ciao
    your work are as my diary on 1975/1980...
    very beautiful..
    anna paola
    sorry for my english