Wednesday, April 16, 2008

some ideas on using the computer as a collage tool:

So this is a digital collage. I do work digitally and I enjoy it being part of the process. I love using photos I take and manipulate, arranging them in photoshop. and there is a place for this in your journal.
This photo background is a rock spiral I shot in Nordcappe, Norway, and the added little landscapes are mountain scenes, and some flying cranes. I whited out some areas for the words to be added.
I like to print the digital collages out, spray mount them in my book, then add the words.
and colors.
and more images.
because it really is just one more medium in collage.
I often scan after I have added some hand drawn stuff, print it out and keep it going.
draw and scan and print it out.
draw and scan and print it out again.
The computer is one more medium to add to your collage palette - so it is really fun to photoshop, scan, draw, photoshop some more, paste into your book, draw and write some more.
So here is the finished page - after being added to the book and words and some more collage work done:

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  1. I love this technique! I don't have photo shop but something similar and I am still learning.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, please come back and visit again.