Sunday, April 13, 2008

from the archive

I am just back from my Eat Pray Love retreat in Colorado and still doing laundry and such - so no time for new pages but I wanted to share an old one with you - I love letting the words go willy nilly here and there.
and some bright orange never hurt anybody.
an old photo adds character and feeling. . . .
Start with some bold color - maybe from some torn paper which always has great energy. Start to write just whatever the color speaks to you about . . .
Happy journaling!


  1. You've got me tearing tissue and gluing it down and writing on it! You'll see very soon! This is a very vibrant and bold page. Wow!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by, your blog is very interesting and has got me thinking about journaling/making a mess/ not being neat etc. I am too cautious with my sketch pads, and should not be - it's not FUN.
    Thanks again, your three day retreat sounds wonderful!