Saturday, April 26, 2008

digital PLUS

I love my my journal - the pages, the mess I make, the pencil rubbing across and the words I handwrite.
The feel of the paper and the heaviness of the book filled with collages.
But I **also** like digital journaling - this spread is both. The left is a page I did by hand in my actual book, and added on the the right is a bit I added digitally.
The line drawing is a Picasso - collage is about borrowing, right?
about being inspired?
and the quote just fits.
and the cupid on the left? I obviously didn't paint that.
I love using words and images and quotes and drawings that inspire me.
I challenge us all to use our own hands as we enjoy, but also to use parts of photos, words, quotes, drawings, paintings, from other artists.
I have a big collage bag - in it are lots of scraps of lovely paper, lots of old calenders, some cheap books with great images (those library book sales are wonderful), and tissue paper which can add great color without too much weight.
I dig and grab whatever catches my eye - no thinking allowed.
I tear and cut and paste.
Then I write.
I try to let the words come from my inner authentic self, the intuitive self that the journal is meant to express.
I got tired of writing laundry lists of to-dos, and gripes about my day. The art helps me get to this more creative place.
The collage is what gets me opened up.
and in this case, I take the page on my computer screen, and add another part to it.
The computer can be a collage tool, too!
It's YOUR journal - go nuts!


  1. I have yet to dip my toe in the water of digital...but the idea is there and growing. Seeing what you've done with your journal is just one more "push" to jump in the water's fine!

  2. Your Art is Delicious!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog!! So nice to have found you in this big wide web!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is fascinating! I'll be back soon to take my time and really explore here.