Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Two - PRAY

So I am on day two of my Eat Pray Love retreat.
This morning I got up pretty early, though not as early as the 3:30 A.M. time that Elizabeth Gilbert had to rise at the Ashram she was studying at, to meditate.
The problem with meditation is there are always uninvited thoughts barging into the quietness that is being created.
I imagine sitting on the banks of a still still lake, and the thoughts are ripples that I let slowly fade out.
This helps until the next thought, one second later.
Well, it's all a process.
Today I will meditate a few more times, do some journey work, and make more pages.
Also here high in the mountains we got over a foot of snow last night - I find myself just gazing out the window, watching the chunks of wet snow fall off the pine trees that surround this cabin. That is a form of meditation, too, I suppose.
Praying is really an act of awareness, as much as anything else.
as is making these Pray pages for my journal. . . .


  1. These are stunningly beautiful pages...I agree the pictures really add to one's journalling...kind of like it touches the soul mentally, spiritually and visually all in one big "knock out" punch! What fabulous dedications and journal themes.

    Thanks for "Popping" in for a visit...I hope your snows soon melt and spring fro you really soon! :)

  2. Fabulous entries Em! I have even torn out some of the same images for future collages :)I'm so glad you had this retreat. Aaah, what I would give...

  3. S. Lolo - you know, getting away is so good for the soul - it really helps keep it all in persepctive - I hope you do organize some sort of retreat for yourself - believe and it will happen!