Monday, April 14, 2008

again - from the archives

Orange is such a happy color.
I have this idea to make a set of journals - seven or so, each one designated to one color of the rainbow. (remember Roy G. Biv?)
and each day I would say "What color do I feel today?" and I would pull out that journal.
I would work mostly in that color.
or in that color a bit.
or maybe not even in that color, but if that was the color of my mood, that would be the journal of the day.
and yes - these journals would fill up a seventh as slowly - but at the end of a year or two, I would have a set of journals which each one would be a certain mood - I could tell what mood predominated, what mood came up often, what mood inspired more journaling. Journals certainly don't have to be arranged chronologically!
Because it really is about what we FEEL, not what we THINK. This is why I love to make messes - because that gets me closer to the feeling place.
Maya Angelou said:
"If I make you think something, you won't remember it, but if I make you feel something, you will never forget it.

SO very true.
and this is a page from a thing that made me feel deeply - Christo's Gates - an installation of thousands of saffron colored banners in Central Park three Februarys ago. It was something they had to work on for 25 years to get permission to install.
I was lucky enough to be there the morning it opened, and the energy, the joy and love in the Park was unbelievable - I took a bunch of photos and journaled about it.
If I were doing the rainbow set of journals, this would certainly be in an orange journal, a journal of JOY!

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  1. Hello, I followed you back form my blog where you left a very nice comment. Love that.
    But this color themed journal is a grand idea. Your journal pages are great. I wish I could be more consistent with playing in my journals. I agree, it would be so cool to see at the end of the year, which mood you found yourself in most often.