Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What is a successful page in your journal?
one where you like the collage?
one where your writing revealed something new and amazing to you?
one you could tear out and put in a frame?
one where you took a risk, made a mess, and broke new ground?

I challenge you today to imagine making a mess in your book.
making a BIG mistake.
and working around that.

today, there are no images of my own work - just try making something you don't plan ahead.
don't look at one of my pages and say, "I will do that!"

make a mess of your own.
surprise yourself!
The next post I will have lots of new pages - some are messy and not what I hoped for, but all showed me something about me, or my inner self, that I did not expect.
That's the gift this process can give you!

NOW get working!

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