Sunday, March 30, 2008

pictures, words, and how they fit together

by now you have probably realized that my focus in this blog is getting you (and me!) to try not to make pretty images.
I am not interested in cuteness or nice to look at.
I use my journal to mine my own inner gems - to get inside and figure it all out. . . . Journal as Therapy!
and I have found a great way to do this is just to choose random images and slap them on some pages - add some color, then write.
In this entry - I also printed out an entry from my on-line journal and incorporated it into the pages.
It sort of makes a record of the things I say there in my book/art journal.
I have come to learn that the right side of the brain, the intuitive, creative, visual, subconscious side has mysteries and meanings I want to understand - and my experimentation in my journal helps me get there.
Try making a collage with no planning or thought, then write some words.
It really is interesting how this makes the writing richer and more authentic.
and the more you do it, the easier it flows - just like learning any new thing.
It is so cool that our brains can get better at accessing these inner truths!

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