Friday, March 21, 2008

lots of words!

There is a time and place for lots of words - sometimes you just have lots to say! These four images are mail art I received and they were just so beautifully colored - sort of a tie-dyed looking set of envelopes (yes - the artist made four!) I use whatever inspiration comes my way - and belonging to mail art communities is a great way to share original art with artists from around the world - look at my website if you want to learn more about mail art.
I scanned and printed out these envelopes to add to my journal, and they just called for a black background. . . then with a silver pen, the words came.
I use the art to coax out the words, the words are my truth and the art helps me find them.
Try making a page, leaving room, and just start writing - see what you get!

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