Friday, March 21, 2008

EGGS EGGS EGGS it's all about EGGS

Happy Springtime!
and it's about time.
I thought I would share a little technique with you.
This is a photo I took of some tea-soaked eggs I was lucky enough to eat in a tea-house in Greenwich Village (they were amazing, by the way):

Then - I photoshopped the photo a bit. made it both blue and yellowish (using the invert tool) and printed it out, and cut out just the egg shapes.
I painted the journal pages first with watercolor, let it dry, glued on the eggs, wrote some words, added some colored pencil a bit, and VOILA:

Sometimes colors and shapes just do it all.
And you can see how fun it is to play with photos that might not be spectacular on -their own - just take some photos and see what happens. Magazine cut-outs work, too.
Happy Journaling!


  1. You inspired me to "expand a bit" and today I chalked my pages...with the purpose of making them look like Easter eggs...pretty successful. Thats why I laughed when I saw you did eggs also! Don't think mine will end up in a museum or anything BUT it was fun!

  2. Since ending up in a museum isn't the point, it really lets us loosen up.
    I think of pleasing myself as my goal, not making anything framable.
    we should have gotten gold stars in kindergarten for coloring OUTSIDE the lines!