Sunday, February 24, 2008

Get Creative!!!

So this morning when I opened the New York Times, their magazine was all women's fashion.
I can do without the skinny models, but the textures and colors of the ads are really marvelously rich and detailed.
Plus the paper they print on is wonderfully thin and great for spray mount collaging into my journal.
So I tore out lots of the pages, and started tearing, cutting and spraying.
The first page you see has the words I added after, the others don't yet, so you can see what you can start with - and also because I need a metallic pen to mark on those dark parts, which is at the studio and I am home.
but you get the idea - just tear and cut and glue and play.
Turning the magazine images upside down helps.
and putting part of a photo on either side of the paper.
and keeping colors sort of grouped - but just look at the collages and then try it yourself.

It might look like there is not a lot of room for words, but sometimes, I like to make the images queen. There is always room for words on the blank parts. . . .
mostly - Have Fun!

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  1. Wow, you are really creative, and the result is always splendid. =)