Thursday, December 13, 2007


In Hindu spirituality, the Goddess Shiva (the one with the many arms) is responsible for both creation and destruction. This is sorta surprizing to me - but it really does make sense - sometimes you have to tear things apart to find something new.
Sometimes the path to something being awakened involves some sort of sacrifice or messing up of what is already there.
I know I have damaged many pages in my journal with my experimental messing about - but then, something new and interesting can emerge - something I didn't plan in advance.
"Mistakes" can be the best thing that ever happened!
So don't be scared of just messing around and trying something new.
your journal will thank you!


  1. that is so true! love the title of your journal page and the image+text. nice page!

  2. This is the main theme of the book "Wreck This Journal" you should check it out if you haven't seen it... it's an odd book, but kind of fun once you get into the idea of it.

  3. I stopped believing in accidents, a while back. Some of my best artistic discoveries evolved from "oopses". It's wonderful to let go of control and let your work become what IT wants to. :)