Monday, November 12, 2007

are you messy? are you neat?

at my artist's salon the other day, a friend showed us all her journal - I was thrilled to see my "influence" (she has been using my book) and all her pages were so lively and beautiful and way beyond what she had done before.
makes me feel like my message is getting out.
but one interesting thing - all her pages were so neat and tidy.
her writing is perfect, and all her images are carefully printed and very square.
and her journal was fantastic. . . .
my first inclination was to encourage her to be more messy, but one of my artist friends pointed out that we each have our own way.
great point.
we each have our own way.
use these ideas, and find your own way!
and do share images - if anyone e-mails me an image from their journal, I will gladly post it here with a link to you.
so - get crackin'!


  1. oh thank you - all pages are worthwhile - even the ones that turn out "ugly".
    I have lots of those, too.