Friday, October 26, 2007

words words and more words

If you are doing on art journal, you might not think words are going to be a big part of your work.
But guess what - the words might not even be your own! I love to incorporate newspaper bits, quotes, and other people's words in my collaging.
ALSO - if you do keep an on-line journal, it is great to print out those pages, and put them in, then do some art around that.
It makes a record of your on-line work.
and how about e-mails and chats? I bet there are some of those you would like to save in your blank book, and illustrate with your art.
and don't forget those letter stamps - nice to get some captions and big lettering in there, too.
Collaging around words that are meaningful to you makes for great pages.

1 comment:

  1. Emails and chats? OMG...I save everything!! Now if I can just get my printer working! Such great tips! Thanks, so much!