Thursday, October 11, 2007

sometimes it's about words

I know lots of art journals are just images and colors - but my journal has always been equally about words. I keep a journal for the chance to write out my thoughts, unloading them and spilling them out, relieving my family and friends of having to hear all that crap! or relieving the need to pay a therapist all that money to hear all that crap!
but truthfully, the words are not crap and my journal is the way I respect them.
So these words, weather spilling out randomness, or carefully crafted ideas, are a very important part of the journaling process to me.
So here is a way to make the words themselves cool and pleasing to the eye - which is also important - it sort of honors the words when you let them be beautiful, a way of validating the thoughts I am spilling:
**get some color on the page - I like to use stamping pads held upside down and gently spread because I can write over the ink right away.
**make a border in amazing juicey marker - this makes a frame to hold in the words.
**very lightly draw some bubbly lines - I usually do this diagonally. The words will get smaller and bigger at the edges of these lines.
Then write the words - the bubbly lines will make the letters alternate big and small on the page.
**here's how it looks, before words and after:

and if you look really hard, you will see the orange spiral I stamped on the page before!


  1. Hi there, LOVE your journals!!
    Cheers, Shelagh

  2. I'm enjoying my visits. Keep posting :-) Cheers!!!

  3. I am liking what I see I will be back to check it out. We are reading..