Friday, October 5, 2007

Repetition and pattern

Things always look good when repeated.
So do a little doodle, and then scan it and print a bunch of them, or next time you are out and about, make a bunch of copies at the copy place - you can make the size larger or smaller, and tape a bunch to one page to make numerous copies. Throw those babies into your scrap paper bag.
Now cut or tear out a bunch of the same picture and spray mount them to your journal in a row or in a pattern.
It always is nice visually to make edges and patterns with repeating patterns - try this and see how your pages look so designed.
you know those silly little paisley squiggles? Ever look at one all by its lonesome? It ain't nothin' without the friends - so try some repetition and pattern and see how it makes your pages come to life.

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