Sunday, October 14, 2007

more on images and mood.

The process that works for me is to let the images create the mood in my journal. I choose images without wondering what about them attracts me. Then I might find paper that goes with the images, tear it all into some bits. Now play around with the layout. When you like what you see, spray mount your collage into your book. Now choose some markers that go with it. I like to use fat ones if I have a loud/large thing I need to say, small ones if my words want to be a bit more quiet.
You can also add some doodles and scribbles and drawings after the words, or during!
When starting this way in your journal with an image, the creative/intuitive side of your brain is accessed, and the words that flow out of you just might be a surprise!

These Mayan figures spoke to me:

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