Sunday, October 21, 2007

making the words look **nice**

Someone asked me if I try to make the words in my journal look nice.
Here is my answer:
It depends - sometimes the words are so blobby and sloppy and quickly written that I can't even read them - other times I am slow and artsy and careful with the words and I try to make each letter sing.
it really depends on what I need those words to do for me - they are my servants, after all - and they are there to do MY bidding!
(although there is a time that I do just let them do their own thing and I step out of their way - probably that's when I can't even read what I've written!)
all kinds of writing styles are there for your use - explore them all!

and here is one page that I payed attention to the shape and beauty of the lettering:

1 comment:

  1. Great page--I'm playing around with my writing style and it verys, sometimes very neat and doodlish, other times, I can't even read my own writing!

    Thanks for sharing your tips :)