Thursday, October 18, 2007

lots and lots of words

Okay dear readers - I know lots of you are here because you are ART journalers, and you are expecting to make pictures in your books.
all well and good.
but for me, my journal is my sounding board - the shoulder I can cry on and the friend who hears me out, the one who always is there to take whatever I have to dump with no advice or judgment.
Really what a good therapist does is just LISTEN.
So I use my journal as that listening entity.
I just let the words flow, and let the unloading of my issues make me feel lighter.
I told you before to start with an inspiring photo.
A great way to start. . . . and then just let the words flow. If you want your page to be attractive - choose your favorite juicy pen, and let the words twist and turn with your mood - but mostly - get it all out and let those images take you into your own subconscious flow.
Just Do It.

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