Saturday, October 13, 2007

images, color and where it ALL comes from. . . . .

Some images have emotional content for you.
and you might not even know why.
When I saw this little frog, I knew I had to draw him.
Maybe he is sort of a power animal or totem for me - I didn't try to figure it out, I just drew him. Then I scanned and printed in a few sizes to paste in the journal, but it works just fine to just draw something meaningful right into your journal.
Something opens up in your subconscious when you draw something you feel emotional about.
Color, too, adds emotion.
I always add lots of color before I write.
Something deep in there is also unleashed by the color choice. I don't try to figure all this out, I just draw, add color, and write, and see what happens. Planning is what you DON'T want to do.
and I have heard artists say, "Oh - I wish I thought of that!" Guess what - it is ALL copying anyway - sometime, way back without you knowing, you saw something that influenced you.
All artists are very influenced by visual things - that's why we are artists.
So get over it and don't worry about COPYING - that's what all artists are doing all the time whether they admit it or not.
What you want is to access your deep inner self, and copy from there!
If other artists get you there, SO BE IT.
Now go make some pages in your journals!


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  2. Some of the most powerful work I've done was "copy" work that somehow, somewhere along the line, became my work when I didn't have exactly the same paper the original artist had and I had to substitute something else. Then, suddenly, their blue paint didn't work either, and I had to find my green. I never had the same focal image that they had, so had to make-do there, too. But because I was "copying" something else, I relieved myself of a great deal of creative pressure and just allowed myself to have fun with the process and play with my materials. Something personally powerful happens, if not evocative to other people.

    Thanks for giving us permission to do it again!

  3. I think we all get inspiration from each other - and it is essential to acknowledge - and honor that!