Thursday, October 4, 2007

Collage first, then words.

Paper - you should have a bag of scrap paper. In this bag are magazine photos torn from magazines that you like, bits of brightly colored and interesting wrapping and tissue paper you have collected, maybe some newspapers and funky designed art papers and a map or two.
Just grab a few that catch your eye, tear some shapes, and arrange them. Spray mount them down, then write.
See what happens.
The images and shapes might allow your brain to loosen some ideas that were lodged behind the visual thinking areas.
and you can always print out pages from your on-line journal to add to this book - makes a nice record of all your thoughts - public and private!

and don't worry about leaving some space, too, if that works for your eye.
Your eye and brain are going to learn to work as a team.
Now go for it!

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